Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water and Lemon Juice

image Mineral Water and Lemon Juice

There are several benefits to drinking mineral water and lemon juice every day. Starting your day with a glass of this low calorie beverage is great for your heart, liver, bones and virtually every other system in the body.

According to Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling, we need 5 specific minerals to maintain good health throughout the body: magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc. Dr. Pauling was esteemed for his research in the area of human health and found deficiencies of these crucial minerals in every sick individual he ever studied.

Table of contents

  1. Natural sourced mineral spring water
  2. Lowers Blood Pressure (Heart Health)
  3. Kidney Stones
  4. Soft Drink Substitute (Weight Loss)
  5. Liver Health
  6. Gut Health
  7. Immune Booster
  8. Rheumatism Aid
  9. Gum Disease
  10. How to Mix Mineral Water and Lemon Juice Together

Natural sourced mineral spring water

Natural sourced mineral spring water is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium, with trace amounts of other healthful nutrients in every drop. Combining these healthful nutrients with the juice of a lemon adds 50 percent of our daily value of vitamin C to the beverage, along with heaping doses of the antioxidants hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin.

Let's take a look at a just a few interesting health benefits of drinking mineral water and lemon juice:

Lowers Blood Pressure (Heart Health)

Magnesium, potassium and calcium all play a critical role in preventing high blood pressure and its deadly aftermath. Without adequate levels of antioxidants in the blood, fat and cholesterol begin to stick to the walls of our arteries, causing atherosclerosis; the #1 cause of high blood pressure and age-related heart disease. Combined with the high antioxidant levels found in lemon juice, the combination of mineral water and lemon juice can have a huge long-term effect on lowering blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

Kidney Stones

Lemon water has been shown in several laboratory-based studies to help prevent kidney stones. Drinking mineral water on a daily basis has also shown to have the same benefit. Mineral water and lemon juice are a dynamic-duo in the fight against kidney stones.

Soft Drink Substitute (Weight Loss)

The effervescence of naturally carbonated mineral water combined with the slightly sweet, tangy flavor of lemon is a great soft drink substitute for people looking to lose weight and improve their diet while getting adequate hydration. Mineral water is calorie free, while a single medium-sized lemon only contains around 29 calories and less than 10 grams of sugar.

Liver Health

Proper hydration is essential for protecting this, the second hardest-working organ in the human body. Acidic lemons have also proved to help activate important digestive enzymes that are present in the liver, while also helping to oxygenate our blood.

Gut Health

Lemons help the liver to produce the digestive enzymes needed to create hydrochloric acid; ie., stomach acid. The buffering minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium contained in mineral water helps maintain balance in the stomach, so it doesn't become too acidic. Working together, mineral water and lemons help restore balance to people suffering from any number of “gut dysfunctions” including acid reflux, GERD, cramps, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and excessive gas.

Immune Booster

As mentioned earlier in reference to Dr. Linus Pauling's research on human health; minerals are the foundation of our health. Deficiencies in any of the 5 key crucial minerals outlined by Pauling become the key to the downfall of our health. The minerals in mineral water help to maintain a healthy immune system, while the vitamin C and mixture of citrus flavonoids in lemon juice combat oxidation and infection throughout the body.

Rheumatism Aid

Rheumatism, including rheumatoid arthritis, is a disease of persistent, poorly controlled inflammation throughout the body. Lemons, as mentioned already, contain some of nature's most potent antioxidants. In fact, lemons rank in the top 100 list of antioxidant foods one can eat.

Gum Disease

Sadly, not everyone can afford expensive dental care and this can result in gum disorders like gingivitis. The antioxidant qualities of lemon help to numb the nerves in the mouth while also immediately reducing swelling too. The moderate sodium content in mineral water is a much needed aid to this common malady, as salt is long been known for helping the pain and inflammation caused by gum disease.

How to Mix Mineral Water and Lemon Juice Together

If you've ever made mock volcanoes before, you'll know that bicarbonate and acid mixed together can make for quite a show! Since the composition of mineral water is highly bicarbonate, you need to be cautious when you mix the lemon juice into make this healthful, refreshing drink.


  • Squeeze one fresh lemon into a glass, bowl or measuring cup.
  • Next pour 500 ml of mineral water into a glass.
  • Slowly pour the lemon into the mineral water, without stirring at this time (stirring will cause the mixture to foam up and flow over the top of the glass).
  • After all the lemon has been added to the water, give your mineral water and lemon juice mixture a gentle stir, stopping if the mixture starts to bubble up too fast.
  • Add a small squirt of honey or a dash of all natural Stevia to taste, if you wish.
  • Drink and enjoy 1 or several times a day to your heart's content!

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