One Water Mineral Water is bottled at site of the spring

One Water Bottle
Typical Analysis: mg/L
Potassium 1.89
Calcium 29.1
Magnesium 3.14
Sulphate 3.15
Chloride 1.41
Total Dissolved Solid 159
pH 7

Quality is guaranteed !

One Water Mineral Water is bottled at site of the spring without any intervention by human hand during the process of pumping and bottling. Our wells have been tested and approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The aquifer from which we pump our mineral water is protected against any environmental pollution, fact that has been attested by laboratory study and analysis. Our water is naturally formed and its insuperable quality is guaranteed.

The rocks of the region enrich the water with trace elements and minerals that are essential for its special taste. The flow of water through geological formations enriches it with calcium ions (Ca) as well as magnesium (Mg).

Our factory is accommodated in self-owned facilities spreading over and area of 100,000 sqft including production and bottling area.

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